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3 Important HAZWOPER Certification Courses

HAZWOPER certification courses are designed to train employees and supervisors on how to safely and effectively perform their jobs while mitigating the risks of hazardous and toxic materials. You may need HAZWOPER certification training if you are an emergency responder, work in TSDFs, are involved in clean-up of uncontrolled toxic waste, OR work in any other profession where you are vulnerable to coming into contact with hazardous substances. Read more

Understanding the Goals of Trenching & Excavation Training

Large scale construction projects and small demolition sites have something in common–excavation risks! The world of excavation and trenching can be a dangerous and unpredictable place. If you are a contractor, construction worker, or other professional that’s around trenches or excavation sites, then you have the responsibility to undergo trenching and excavation training; it’s not only a workplace requirement, but trenching and excavation training can save your life! Read more