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A Brief Guide to H2S Training

Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring gas that is toxic in large concentrations. While you will likely not come in contact with hydrogen sulfide in your personal life, you may be susceptible to hydrogen sulfide exposure at work–especially if you work in an industry where hydrogen sulfide exposure is a common occurrence!

If you have questions about H2S training, then reference this brief guide to learn more:

  • Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide

Man in Mask During H2S TrainingIf you come in contact with this highly flammable gas, you may experience one or more of these symptoms: tremors, convulsions, delirium, nausea, skin/eye irritation. In some cases, exposure may be fatal.

  • Objective of H2S Training

When you enroll in H2S training you will receive training on a wide range of topics related to the identification of hydrogen sulfide exposure, avoidance tactics, and emergency response protocols.

  • Ideal Trainees

H2S training is ideal for any worker that may come in contact with hydrogen sulfide on the job. Mining workers, paper workers, petroleum workers, and wastewater treatment workers are all susceptible to H2S exposure.

  • H2S Recertification

To keep up with H2S certification, you must take the H2S recertification course each year. The H2S recertification is a refresher course designed to keep you up to date on safety equipment, procedures, and protocols related to H2S exposure.

At OSHA Pros, LLC we are proud to provide the most practical and convenient online training experiences, which is why we offer H2S training from the convenience of OSHA.NET.

With a team of seasoned safety professionals in our corner, we ensure that all coursework is developed to provide trainees with the extensive hydrogen sulfide training needed to stay safe on the jobsite. From learning about the dangers of hydrogen sulfide to reading the signs of exposure, and everything in between, this course teaches you how to mitigate risks of H2S training.

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