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Answering FAQs About OSHA 10 Horas En Español

When you work in a high-risk field, then you need to be prepared to handle whatever comes your way. From health to safety hazards and everything in-between, OSHA 10 hour courses are designed to help you identify, report, and avoid workplace dangers–and now it’s available in Spanish!

OSHA 10 Horas En EspañolWe are proud to offer a selection of courses including construction and general industry OSHA 10-Hour Training (OSHA 10 horas en Español)! While each course is designed to cover specific topics, both of these OSHA-compliant courses offer education on how to create a safer and more sanitary workplace environment.

Some common questions about OSHA 10 courses include:

Is the OSHA 10 hour course required by law?

OSHA classes are not required by federal law, however, in certain states, OSHA training is mandated. Certain unions, organizations, and employers may also require 10-hour training as a workplace requirement.

How long do I have to complete the 10-hour training online?

Once you begin the 10-hour course online, you have 180 days to complete the training.

When will I receive my DOL wallet card once I’ve completed my course?

Your DOL wallet card will be delivered to your address approximately two-weeks after you complete your course. A temporary online certification can be printed out immediately upon completion of your course.

At OSHA.NET, we offer a selection of courses, including OSHA 10 hour training (OSHA 10 horas en Español). Understanding that you have a busy life, we provide you with the convenience to take OSHA courses on a convenient and interactive online platform. Whether you are completing the general industry course or the construction course, we provide you with OSHA 10-Hour Training and OSHA 10 horas en Español, which is authorized in all states for valid regulatory compliance.

We even offer you an interactive free printable study guide to help you retain information and optimize your learning! Visit https://www.osha.net/ to learn more about our general industry and construction courses OSHA 10 Hour Training / OSHA 10 horas en Español!