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Mold Certification Online

The potential health risk of toxigenic mold can be great, therefore, it’s important to have a certified mold inspector look at any issues. Our Mold Inspector certification online course will provide you information on mold and the tools used to become a mold inspector. It also covers personal protective equipment necessary during an inspection process. Besides equipment used, the course will also delve into toxigenic mold, fungi, and any potential health risks. Learning to identify mold infestations in homes and buildings and how to remedy them, is also covered, in the mold certification online program.

Tools Needed for Mold Certification Online

Mold Certification Online, MSHA Certification, and MSHA Training Essential training offered by the mold certification online program is needed to become a certified mold inspector. This course covers:

  • Identifying mold strains
  • The steps of an inspection process, from beginning to end
  • It also teaches the tools and personal protective equipment needed during an inspection process.
  • Sampling methods
  • Lab requirements
  • Testing procedures for AIHA certification

Mold certification online also deals with identifying the presence of mold, through mold inspection and identifying the type of mold and amount of mold spores found in the air, through mold testing. You will also learn how to control mold infestation safely. Identifying types of mold present, and remediation in homes and businesses, is the goal of the mold certification online course.

Determining Types of Mold for Mold Certification Online

To become a NAMP-certified mold inspector, individuals must take the mold certification online course, or similar, which includes information from the National Association of Mold Professionals.

You will learn about molds which can be extremely dangerous, cause chronic illnesses, and even death. Mold is a fungus, which grows in moist areas. When those microscopic particles, called spores, land on surfaces in or outside the house, mold spreads. Determining what type of mold is present and how to rid the structure of mold, is the goal of receiving your mold certification online.  A mold inspector will be certified to inspect homes and businesses, when the mold certification online course is completed. When mold is found during an inspection, remediation will be identified and performed. For more information on OSHA.NET’s mold certification online, call 1-866-265-5813.