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Confined Space Training

When working in confined spaces, you must understand the challenges and hazards that are possible. Physical entrapment and exposure to toxic substances are just some of the dangers when working in confined spaces. Whether you work in construction or building development, there are often-times you will find yourself working in confined spaces. There are many other jobs that would benefit from this training, as well. Vacuum and pump truck drivers and operators would benefit, as well as electricians, insulators, scaffolders, and welders.

Confined space training is important for each worker on your team. From the very basics of learning how a confined space is defined, to understanding the rules for confined spaces, you will learn all the answers in confined space training from OSHA.NET.

Protect Yourself with Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training, Confined Space Training Online, EM 385 TrainingMany workers and professionals who make their living in construction would benefit from confined space certification. Contractors, safety managers, foreman, and entry supervisors would benefit from this certification. Protecting yourself and your fellow workers is important on every job, so taking the proper certifications will provide you with information to keep safe.

OSHA confined space training courses from OSHA.NET will provide the information you and your workers need when working in confined spaces. When taking this course, some of the topics you will cover consist of identifying confined spaces, atmospheric monitoring, the history and an overview of OSHA confined space regulations, as well as elements of a Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program. This course will also answer questions such as, “What are the entry requirements for confined spaces?” In answering these basic questions, as well as the more complicated aspects, you will have a full understanding of confined space training.

Confined Space Training in Person or Online from OSHA.NET

There are two options for confined space training. The first option is taking the course in person, with a group of coworkers, for an in-person class. This means all the workers need to clear their schedules at the same time to sit for a class.

The second option is to take the confined space training online. This option is best for most workers, because they can take the course in their free time, at home, work or wherever they take their computer. Taking the course online is usually easier for most workers, knowing they can log on whenever they are free. Learning the rules, safety measures, and regulations for confined space training will make it easy to pass and obtain the confined space certification. For more information on confined space training contact us today.