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Forklift Certification

When forklifts are being used in your place of work, the driver must complete a safety training course. Although the idea of driving a forklift might seem similar to driving a car, it is actually very different. Drivers of stand-up forklifts must also take training courses to ensure safety in the workplace. OSHA’s forklift certification is for stand-up or sit-down forklifts, which are used in a warehouse or facility. Safety risks abound when driving a forklift, whether you are moving cargo or material around a warehouse or construction site, therefore, it’s imperative to take the forklift certification course.

Sit-Down Forklift or Stand-up Forklift Certification

Forklift Certification, Confined Space Certification, OSHA CertificationForklift certification can be completed online, which makes it easier to fit into your schedule and you can take it at a time convenient for you. Whether you will be driving a sit-down forklift which has three or four wheels or a stand-up forklift, also called a stand or electric rider, it’s important to know how to properly use the machine, so you or others don’t get hurt. The sit-down forklift works well for those who spend hours on the machine, moving cargo. It is the preferred forklift for those who don’t need to get out of it every few minutes to move product. The stand-up forklift is used when the driver needs to move on and off frequently. Just as the forklift was created out of necessity in 1923, the need to operate it safely is important today.

Safety Training for Forklift Certification

Inadequate training can often lead to workplace accidents. Therefore, safety training is imperative and a good investment by a facility manager. Workplace accidents happen and can be very costly, making forklift certification a must.

With proper training and certification comes an increase in productivity. Knowing how to handle a forklift properly, improves the drivers speed of work. This knowledge of how to properly use the forklift will empower the driver to only use the machine for its intended purpose and not use the machine for jobs it can’t do. When drivers are aware of the space requirements needed to operate a forklift properly, the machine will stay in better condition, which will decrease maintenance costs. It’s also possible your insurance premiums can be lowered by having a forklift certification for each driver. Learn more about OSHA.NET’s forklift certification or call 866-265-5813.