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To protect workers while at hazardous sites, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) HAZWOPER training is mandatory. This program provides regulations, for clean-up and response workers, to ensure their health and safety. OSHA HAZWOPER training from OSHA.NET prepares emergency workers and clean-up workers to complete their jobs safely, regardless of the hazardous scenarios they face.

For example, the 24 hours of HAZWOPER training is required for workers who may be exposed to hazardous materials, by going to uncontrolled toxic waste cleanup sites. Employers’ field training is also part of this program, along with policies, practices, and procedures that will reduce the risk of injury or illness, which could result from exposure at a worksite. Other HAZWOPER training courses offered are the 40 hour HAZWOPER and the 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher course.


OSHA HAZWOPER Training, OSHA HAZWOPER, and OSHA Training CoursesThe 40 hour HAZWOPER training is for those workers who work in clean-up operations, emergency response operations, as well as storage, disposal, and treatment of hazardous substances and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. When completing the OSHA.NET HAZWOPER training course, you will cover topics like toxicology, including bloodborne pathogens, decontamination, respiratory protection, as well as site control, personal protective equipment, hazard recognition, and air monitoring. These are all covered in the HAZWOPER 24 hour and 40 hour HAZWOPER training.

The HAZWOPER 40, also called site-worker training, requires the initial training and three days of supervised field experience, prior to being allowed to enter a site. The 24 hour and 40 hour HAZWOPER training also requires each trainee to be able to “don, doff, touch, fell, and otherwise manipulate a particular piece of personal protective equipment that an employer of a specific site may require or provide to protect their employees to prevent injury or illness.”

OSHA HAZWOPER Training Courses

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Since training is valid for 12 months, a HAZWOPER refresher course will be necessary each year.

The 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher course is the annual training needed, to maintain certification, for those who have taken the 24 and 40 hour HAZWOPER. These courses can be taken online, for convenience. Employees and contractors taking these safety training courses will become more aware of possible risks and can reduce workplace injury, according to OSHA. These trainings are made up of tests which are easily passed when following the program. The reason for the OSHA.NET HAZWOPER yearly training is to keep all workers up to date with the latest findings regarding health and safety.