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Four Roles of Permit Required Confined Spaces

Anytime workers enter a permit required confined space, or PRCS, they should already be equipped with the knowledge and training needed to keep safe. While all workers are expected to obtain confined space certification training, there is often confusion around who is responsible for each role related to working in a PRCS.

Confined Space Certification and Confined Space Training OnlineTo clear up any confusion on the matter, we have defined the four key roles in permit-required confined spaces.

  • Entry Supervisor – If you are an entry supervisor, then you have a responsibility to not only keep unauthorized individuals away from permit required confined spaces, but make the determination if a PRCS is even safe for entry in the first place.
  • Attendant – Attendants stand guard outside of permit required confined spaces, and cannot leave unless they are replaced by another properly trained attendant.
  • Entrant – This is perhaps the most dangerous of the four roles. If you are an authorized entrant, you must have an in-depth understanding of PPE and confined space hazards so you can safely enter confined spaces.
  • Emergency Rescue Worker – If your company has workers in PRCS, then you must have an emergency rescue service on standby. These emergency workers should understand PRC hazards and have their confined space certification.

At OSHA Pros, LLC we offer confined space certification training for general industry and construction workers. With four distinct certification programs that are designed to provide job specific education, our confined space certification programs cover all topics related to occupational safety. Whether you are a general industry supervisor or construction attendant, we ensure that you receive the proper training you need to not only identify confined space risks, but avoid them all together.

From understanding proper permitting, atmospheric testing, confined space identification, and more, these certification courses cover it all. You will also receive a printable certification upon course completion and other printable educational resources to aid in optimal information retention. Contact us today to sign up for confined space certification training today!