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Fall Protection Training VS. Fall Arrest Systems Training

If you work in a job where falls may occur, then fall protection training is a good idea. In certain cases, OSHA fall protection training is a workplace requirement, however, there are a few different training courses to choose from.

In general, there are two common OSHA fall protection training courses which include the general fall protection and fall arrest system training. While both are named similarly, these two fall protection trainings are actually quite different, and here’s how:

General Fall Protection Training

The standard fall protection training course, priced at $79.00, provides trainees with the information they need to protect themselves and their workers from safety hazards that lead to falls. Ideal for construction workers and other general industry professionals, this training helps you meet OSHA training regulations.

Fall Arrest Systems Training

Fall Protection Training and Fall Protection Training OnlineOn the other hand, fall arrest systems training, priced at $595.00, offers all the basic and necessary materials covered in standard training, but meets the requirements for competent person designation.

Competent person designation refers to the authorized personnel that manage other workers. From covering definitions and standards, managers and other authoritative workers learn how to stay safe on the job and promote the overall safety of their workers with the fall arrest systems training course.

At OSHA Pros, we help you conquer great heights with fall protection training. By helping you comply with OSHA safety standards, it’s our mission to ensure safety for tradesmen and other workers laboring in positions where falls may occur. From construction sites, warehouses, electrical work, and more, falls can happen at any time. But we help you mitigate the risks of deathly falls by arming you with the knowledge and education you need to stay safe in high places.

In addition to fall protection training, we also provide a range of other training, authorizations, and certifications that ensure OSHA compliance and promote overall workplace safety and efficiency. Click here to register online or call us to register over the phone.